Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Korry!

My brother is turning 22 on Dec. 10th!
( I am asking for a new camera for christmas so I can have pictures to add!)

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Mike had a birthday on December 3rd! He is 27! I didn't plan anything fun for it at all being finals week and all.....I just didn't have time. I am such a bad wife this year!
I Love You Very, Very Much and I promise when I graduate, we will do something really fun for your birthday!


I took my last final today in my anatomy class!!!! That class was horrible! I hated every minute of it! That was by far the hardest class I have ever taken in my life! I had my Math final yesterday and my nutrition and anatomy lab finals were last week! I am so glad this semester is done! I was really stressing out! Mike just knew to stay away! I have been studying for the last five days and nights, literally for this anatomy final. I am so relieved that it is done! I don't have to worry about school again.....until January 12 that is.......

Merry Christmas!

Last Time I Blogged Mike was going to Canada and I was finishing up the Twilight books. Mike had a great time in canada. Everything is way more expensive there though. He went to Mcdonalds to eat lunch and it was $12 just for him! Everything is written in French and English. He said that they all say "ay" at the end of everything and he wasn't sure if they wanted him to agree with them or if they were asking him a question.
I finished the Twilight books. The fourth one is my favorite. I love them all. I have seen the movie twice and will probably buy it. There is a lot in it that would not make sense to someone who has not read the books. The books are a lot better than the movie. I still suggest you read them.

First Day in New York

Second Day in New York, Palmyra and the Sacred Grove

New York Day 3 Times Square, Manhatten

This was the funnest Place ever! Times square New York

The Statue of Liberty